Mailing Address:            Sam Manson Clubhouse:
 1900 King St. E.                           120 Kentley Drive
P.O. Box 69048                   Hamilton, ON L8H 7T2
Hamilton ON L8K 1W0                             P: 905.561.2126
Looking for an opportunity to volunteer/coach at East Hamilton Soccer Club?

We've have lot's of ways tha you can get involved! Help us grow as we continue to build our programs from Timbits soccer, to Grassroots development teams and programs and all the way to our Rep teams and programs.

East Hamilton Soccer Coaches and Training

East Hamilton can provide you the necessary tools to help to your growth within our club and the community. Whether you are a novice coach looking for an experience or a veteran coach looking to further grow your commitment to coaching soccer. We can help in all ways, through our training assessment and course requirements. Through the aid of our Club Head Coach, Arthur Hughes, we will ensure that are placed in the right spot for success.
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